The ICBI standards committee was selected from industry professionals to represent stakeholders in the industry that either prepare or rely upon capital budgets - reserve studies.

The 2014 - 2015 standards committee consisted of:

# Name Country Area of Specialization
1 Gary Porter  USA RS, FMP, CPA, Software developer
2 Bill Chaffee USA Software developer, CPA
3 Pierre Del Rosario     USA, Mexico RS
4 Lynn Sallee


RS, PRA, Contractor, Manager, Project management
5 Craig Huntington USA Banker, Manager
6 David Schwindt USA RS, PRA, CPA
7 Don Haney USA CPA, MBA, MS
8 David McDermott USA, Canada Architect
9 Brian Hill Canada Reserve Professional, Appraiser
10 Jerry Orten USA Attorney
11 Tim Leech  Dubai Reserve professional, Manager
12 Kenneth Direktor USA Attorney
13 Karen Holden Mexico, USA Software, Timeshare specialist
14 Paul Gardiner Australia Software, Timeshare specialist, Accountant
15 Frank Eades USA – operations in USA, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Dubai Professional Engineer, Facilities management    
16 Philip Jones Kenya Developer, Project management