Membership in ICBI
Membership in ICBI is open to any person or company with an interest in the capital budgeting process.
Individual memberships are required of any person issuing reports under ICBI standards.  As an example, if three individuals from the same company issue reserve study reports, each of those persons must maintain an individual membership in ICBI. 
Companies may establish a company membership to signify support of ICBI, but that does not authorize all individuals of a company to issue reports under Generally Accepted Reserve Study Standards.
Annual membership dues are $100 for reserve preparers and affiliate members, all others are  free.
Reserve preparers that join ICBI are required to follow the Generally Accepted Reserve Study Standards.  This includes using an ICBI certified software product to guarantee accuracy of calculations.  Reserve preparer members are allowed to display an ICBI logo image on their letterhead to indicate membership in ICBI, and may include in their reports that they are members of ICBI.
Membership Benefits
  • Members have access to all information and tools developed by ICBI or shared by ICBI members
  • Reserve preparers and reserve study companies are listed in the ICBI Service Directory
  • Access to educational material currently under development by ICBI
  • ICBI Newsletter